Chryce elevator (China) co., LTD. The new factory project based work

Yangchun of lunar October, fruit fragrance, in this exciting, celebrate the harvest season, Chryce elevator (China) co., LTD., a grand ceremony for the new site, revealed Chryce elevator (China) co., LTD. Is the prelude to the new factory project construction. With the development of the company, the market demand for the products of the company grows increasingly, the current production site and production scale already can not adapt to. Company in a joint venture decision: to increase investment, inject more capital to expand production capacity. In the superior party committee, government and leaders at all levels, under the concern and support of the company since 2010, began to think and plan for 8000 units elevator production base construction. After more than a year of nervous work, finally completed the investigation, demonstration, and approval of various kinds of formalities.

At present, the company will invest 200 million yuan (RMB); New facilities, testing center, office buildings such as more than 36000 square meters, the introduction of advanced production equipment 66 / sets, realize the annual production capacity of up to 8000 elevators, formed by the elevator manufacturing industry as the main body of the industrial chain, products meet the national standards for environmental protection, is the product of green environmental protection industry. 8000 units elevator production base, after the completion of the project, can arrange employment of more than 300 people, production value of up to 1.25 billion yuan, tax turnover exceeds 200 million yuan. After project start, the company will further strengthen the scientific management of the company’s internal, elaborate organization, command, the careful construction, accelerate, try our best to completed and put into operation in eight months, at that time, 8000 sets of elevator production line construction project will be officially put into operation, in order to create the elevator manufacturing base in the world as own duty, elevator (China) co., LTD., will start accelerating, take off here. To make positive contribution for the country’s economic development.